Construction - Coral Reef Properties

Our Project managers work together with the design team to oversee all work carried out by our construction teams, to ensure that the projects run smoothly, and identify any issues as soon as possible, before they become problems.

Constructing an eco-friendly / passive residential or commercial building is our passion. For us, there is no joy in constructing a beautiful building, if we know that the environment has been damaged in the process.

We believe that the building and the environment should exist together in harmony with each other. By using environmentally sustainable materials and using green energy technology, we aim to minimise the effects to the natural world, and hopefully add to its beauty.

Where possible, we will incorporate solar roofs, wind turbines, heat pumps, solar or energy conserving windows. and environmentally friendly insulation materials and construction materials into your property.

We have a team of highly experienced construction project managers, who oversee all our construction teams. Understanding all aspects of the construction phase, is the key to running a project smoothly, which both runs to schedule and can save money.

They have experience in both residential and commercial construction projects, so you have peace of mind, when using our services.