Our vision is clear. A flourishing world where developments, people and the environment have equal synergy and are protected for future generations. A world where environmentally damaging housing building methods cannot be hidden behind the addition of the word “sustainable.”
Solar tiles on eco-home
Together our team and partners will, home by home, create spaces where people and nature thrive. We will set a new standard for eco-friendly homes. One that evokes luxury, positive living and community. Beyond this our vision is that in our bringing together of the most advanced and naturally innovative house building methods we will set the future for housing development with techniques adopted on a mass scale.
Every Coral Reef home is smart ready for you to plug and activate the smart technologies that you wish to manage your home and lifestyle. We believe a smart home is a must in building homes for the future and as a result our homes come smart ready as standard.
Smart home technology

Our story

Coral Reef Properties was born out of the idea that there must be a healthier way to build homes for all, the environment included. Having been in the property industry for 8 years, Coral Reef Properties CEO, Jonathan Lel, began researching and understanding alternative, eco-friendly building methods after his children brought home a school project on ways to protect our environment. This was a sobering moment for him. It shouldn’t be our children at primary school age finding the solutions to right the damage of older generations but our responsibility for them, was his thought. It was this that changed the course of his vision and led him to establish Coral Reef Properties to symbolise the beauty and fragility of our environment and to design and develop homes that sit harmoniously within it.