About Us - Coral Reef Properties

The company name Coral Reef, was specifically chosen to symbolise both the beauty and fragility of our environment. Something we are passionate about. Our vision is to protect the environment for our children and all future generations. Our team of industry experts have over 100 years experience between them, covering eco-friendly architecture, quantity surveying, civil and structural engineering, green energy technology, interior design, feng shui, exterior landscaping and property management.

For countless millennia, humans and animals have lived in partnership with nature. In the last couple of centuries, humans have forgotten the importance of that partnership. The effects of losing that connection to nature is becoming more apparent.

People are realising that it is time to change direction and get back to that partnership with nature, and are looking for solutions to live comfortable lives, but to also live in partnership with the environment.

By focussing on designing and delivering environmentally sustainable property solutions, this is our way of trying to be proactive in promoting the need for eco-friendly, carbon neutral residential and commercial construction.

By promoting carbon neutral / green energy self-sufficient buildings, we want to both protect the environment and protect people from ever increasing and costly energy bills. We have partnered with many other companies in the property / construction industry that share our concerns about the world we live. We are both property professionals and eco-warriors at the same time.