Why we're different

We’re pushing the boundaries of what has been before, going further than “sustainable” and building homes that protect, nourish and support our environment. Our homes are built for those seeking superior design and quality yet care about the world we leave behind for the next and future generations.
Raw Hempcrete

Our homes

Built from organic materials that clean the air outside and inside your home, equipped with smart technology to enable you to manage your lifestyle and energy use, and thoughtfully designed floor-plans that feature bright, open, airy living spaces as standard are what makes our homes so desirable. With the environment top of mind, the materials we use are designed to last more than 500 years and are completely recyclable.

Our developments

The Old Loom Mill, Hailsham
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Building to save the planet

In 2018 the news that we had just 12 years to limit climate change catastrophes went viral. Our mission is to support saving our world whilst delivering new homes. Coral Reef Properties develop environmentally friendly and safe homes in an effort to set a standard for house building across the UK. We have researched and sourced materials and know-how from experts around the world to build the most advanced eco-friendly homes in the UK that are also smart, energy efficient, waste minimising and luxurious to live in.

Community and Collaboration

Relationships are the lifeblood of our race and we wouldn’t be at this stage in our business today without the support and encouragement from others who share our vision. Coral Reef Properties are actively seeking partnerships and collaborations with landowners, developers, investors and interior designers.
Community and collaboration